6 Young Asian-American Filmmakers Who Are Shattering America’s Asian Film Bias

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Posted on: January 29, 2014

Source: PolicyMic

From yellowface on How I Met Your Mother to #NotYourAsianSidekick, the portrayal of Asian people in the American media has been igniting the Asian-American blogosphere recently.

Lucy Liu and Maggie Q are always mentioned as success stories, but the reality is that the entertainment industry continues to reduce people of Asian descent to insulting caricatures like the villain, kungfu master, nerd or sexy dragon lady. As the Huffington Post’s Andrew Lamargues, Asian-Americans may be taking over YouTube,  but when it comes to the big screen a “bamboo ceiling” exists.

There are a few household names in Asian-American filmmaking, like Taiwanese-American directors Ang Lee (The Life of PiBrokeback MountainCrouching Tiger) and Justin Lin (Fast and Furious 6). But a new generation of young Asian-American filmmakers is stepping forward more than ever to change America’s perceptions of Asian people, by introducing some much needed depth and a broader emotional spectrum to Asian-American characters.

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