Arizona, Nevada tops for Asian population growth

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Posted on April 23, 2014

Source: BizJournal

Arizona’s Asian population has more than doubled since 2000 and the state ranks second in the U.S. for Asian population growth, according to a new study.

Arizona’s Asian population totaled nearly 263,400 in 2012, according to the Center for American Progress. That is up 122 percent since 2000. Only Nevada had more growth: 136 percent, with nearly 267,600 new Asian residents.

The Asian population nationwide grew 46 percent between 2000 and 2013, according to the CAP report and U.S. Census Bureau data. Chinese and Filipinos make up the largest shares of the U.S. Asian population.

Hispanic population numbers grew by 43 percent during that same time. Growth in the black population was 15 percent; in the white population, 7 percent.

Some of the growth of Arizona and Nevada’s Asian population stems from their proximity to California. The Golden State is home more than 6 million Asians — far more than any other U.S. state. Nearly one-third of the U.S. Asian population lives in California. Twenty-eight percent of the country’s Hispanics also live in California.

Arizona has the third-greatest number and share of Native Americans: 7 percent, behind California and Oklahoma.

Asians make up 3.1 percent of Arizona’s total population, according to 2012 Census data