• As other malls die off, this one in Arcadia focuses on Asian shopper

      hen Taiwanese menswear brand SST&C opened its first U.S. store last year, the company bypassed glitzy shopping hubs such as Beverly Hills or South Coast Plaza in favor of a mall tucked into the San Gabriel Valley. What Westfield Santa Anita lacks in name recognition, it makes up for with one huge edge: a […]

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  • African Americans, Asian Americans Went to More Movies in 2016: Study

    LOS ANGELES — African Americans and Asian Americans showed up in force at the box office in 2016 as major movies showed greater diversity in their casting and subject matter, according to a new report by the Motion Picture Association of America. The number of frequent African-American moviegoers nearly doubled to 5.6 million last year, […]

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  • Asian Last Names Lead To Fewer Job Interviews, Still

     When it comes to job applications, not all names are treated equally. What’s in a name? A lot, according to a new study from researchers at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto, both in Canada. The study found that job applicants in Canada with Asian names — names of Indian, Pakistani or Chinese origin […]

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  • 2016: The Year in Asian-Americans Fighting Back in Hollywood

    George Takei, Constance Wu, and Margaret Cho. Photo-Illustration: Vulture Late last week, Margaret Cho went on Bobby Lee’s podcast TigerBelly, where she discussed, among many other things, conversations she had with Tilda Swinton that left her feeling like a “house Asian.” Swinton had contacted Cho, a stranger, because the controversy over her casting as the […]

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  • The lobbyist fighting for control of your local movie theater

    On a sweltering day this summer, a handful of protesters gathered outside an AMC movie theater in Times Square, holding red signs proclaiming “AMC = American Movie Communists.” They were opposing the giant movie theater company AMC’s $1.2 billion purchase of a rival cinema chain, Carmike, which has theaters in 41 states. The deal, which […]

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  • Korean businesses expand in Arizona with shift in customer base

      When John Chung opened his first restaurant, Gogi, in Chandler, only 10 percent of his customers were American. He was primarily focused on Korean consumers. But that is no longer the case. “Now our main customers are Americans and Chinese. Families, friends and companies of all different groups now come to eat their meals […]

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  • California treasurer asks President-elect Donald Trump to address inability of pot firms to use banks

    State Treasurer John Chiang (Associated Press) Just weeks after Californians voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana, State Treasurer John Chiang on Friday appointed a working group to figure out how to address problems caused by the unwillingness of federally regulated banks to handle money from pot businesses. Chiang also sent a letter to President-elect […]

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  • Chinese shoppers go big on Black Friday

      American businesses made a huge effort to attract Chinese shoppers during this year’s Black Friday shopping frenzy. That came as the group has become a major buying force during the U.S. Christmas season. Chinese shoppers are now a major contributor to America’s Black Friday shopping spree. Chinese shoppers reportedly spent $55 million during last […]

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  • Asian-Americans drive Silicon Valley innovation

    PALO ALTO, U.S. — For millions of people around the globe, daily life is now dominated by the U.S. tech sector. Facebook is a primary communication tool for many, while iPhones or smartphones running Google’s Android operating system are the go-to handsets in many parts of the world. The virtual reality buzz created by Oculus, […]

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