• Asian women fought the West’s slave trade. And then they were written out of history

    Tien Fuh Wu, far left, was a former slave and key member of the Mission Home staff in San Francisco, which disrupted sex trafficking in the late 1800s and early 1900s. She is posing with residents of the home in the 1920s.(Presbyterian Historical Society) It was nearly dusk on Dec. 14, 1933, when a Chinese […]

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  • Asian Americans Call Out Pence’s Chief Of Staff For ‘Tokenizing’ Elaine Chao

    Marc Short, chief of staff for Vice President Mike Pence, claimed that Elaine Chao’s role as secretary of transportation in the Trump administration is “evidence” that the president isn’t racist, prompting many Asian Americans to speak out to set the record straight. Over the weekend, President Donald Trump tweeted that four Democratic congresswomen should “go back and help […]

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  • Yes, Kim Kardashian’s ‘Kimono’ is cultural appropriation. And she’s not alone

    A Japanese word that means “a thing to wear,” “kimono” commonly refers to traditional Japanese garments that have been around for hundreds of years. Furisode, iromuji, mofuku and yukata are just a few of the different types of kimonos that are still worn for different occasions. It’s not at all a word associated with undergarments, but Kim Kardashian West […]

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  • Asian American and Pacific Islander youth face bullying, lack visibility, report finds

    “We need these narratives to be uplifted so that policymakers understand that there are Asian communities in need of support.” California youth from smaller Asian American and Pacific Islander ethnic groups experience high rates of bullying and feelings of cultural invisibility in school, a new report has found. The report, produced by the nonprofit Southeast […]

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  • Asian Americans are Now the Largest Racial Group in 2 Bay Area Counties

    Asian Americans have now become the largest racial group in two Bay Area counties. The ethnic demographic now makes up the biggest population share in both Alameda County and Santa Clara County in California, Mercury News reports. Santa Clara County, where Silicon Valley is situated, became the first to have the biggest population of Asian Americans in 2014. […]

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  • Developer who launched Downtown loft bonanza now buying in Chinatown

    Tom Gilmore has spent nearly $30 million scooping up properties in the neighborhood By Bianca Barragan  Jun 13, 2019, 3:09pm PDTSHARE In the early days of Downtown LA’s rebirth as a place where well-off people lived in lofts and hip restaurants and bars flourished, Tom Gilmore was heralded as a developer who could kick start the changes. In 2000, he bought […]

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  • How Vietnamese Americans Took Over The Nails Business: A Documentary

    In Nailed It, director Adele Free Pham — whose father is a refugee from Vietnam — explores how Vietnamese entrepreneurs came to dominate the nail salon business in the United States.Adele Pham/Courtesy of ‘Nailed It’ If you’ve had a manicure lately, chances are you probably had it done at a nail salon run by people of […]

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  • How Bicultural Soccer Star Lee Nguyen Is Embraced Around The World

    The Vietnamese American footballer has charted a winding path, but he’s brought #Nguyensanity with him every step of the way. By Kimberly Alters Lee Nguyen knows how to put a soccer ball in the back of a net. He’s done it roughly 70 times as a professional footballer and on three different continents: Europe, Asia […]

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  • NYPD ‘actively’ working to recruit Asian-American women into force

    Female Asian-American NYPD officers. Richard Harbus The NYPD is “actively working to recruit more” Asian-American female cops after the group made up just 3 percent of the total graduates in the most recent Police Academy class. Korean-American Officer Soojin Kim, 40, who works in the NYPD’s recruitment office, says she knows first-hand the main obstacle […]

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  • Asian-Americans fastest-growing group in Southern Nevada

    LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL VIA APRonnakon Silpasuvun, center, owner of Archi’s Thai Bistro, speaks with Cameron Belt, left, and Kai Muangchoo at his restaurant in Las Vegas. LAS VEGAS >> It’s growing crowded inside the Shrine of Our Lady of La Vang in Las Vegas. What began in 2000 as a few dozen Vietnamese Catholics gathering […]

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