• Health Care Glossary Released for Asian Pacific Islanders

    A free glossary listing commonly-used health care terms in Asian and Pacific Islander languages is now available to help more people enroll in insurance coverage under the the Affordable Care Act, according to a California-based national grassroots coalition.  The Health Insurance Enrollment Glossary, released by Action for Health Justice, lists about 100 terms in English, […]

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  • New study emphasizes differences among state’s Asian/API groups

      In politics, we tend to use abbreviations. Since the Proposition 187 campaign in 1994, California political scientists and pundits have wrestled with the “Latino vote.” In recent years, more focus has been placed on Asian political behavior – particularly as a majority of our immigrants now come from the world’s most populous continent. But […]

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  • Urging Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to #GetCovered

    The summer after he graduated from college, Kalwis Lo learned he had stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system. His private health insurance plan denied him coverage for treatment, claiming the cancer diagnosis was a “pre-existing condition.” Every major private health plan turned him away. His family was forced […]

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  • Report: Asian American ACA Enrollment ‘Disproportionately High’

    According to a new report by the Center for American Progress and AAPIData, Asian Americans were the most likely of all Americans to sign up for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). About 5.5 percent of the people who signed up for the first round of the Affordable Care Act were Asian American, more than the […]

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  • Community health overview: Hmong Americans

    According to the 2010 U.S. Census the eight largest Asian American populations in Minnesota are the Hmong, Asian Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, Laotian, and Cambodian communities. Specifically, 27 percent of the total population identify themselves as Hmong, 15.5 percent are Asian Indian, 11.7 percent are Chinese, 11.1 percent are Vietnamese, 4.9 percent are Laotians, […]

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  • COMMENTARY: Chinese Americans to benefit from the Affordable Care Act

    Posted on: March 28, 2014 Source: Northwest Asian Weekly Almost one in seven Chinese Americans does not have health insurance. Chinese Americans are also at higher risk for many illnesses that can be prevented early on. For example, Chinese American women have experienced a dramatic increase in uterine cancer rates, rising 7 percent each year […]

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  • Report finds sharp contrasts among Asian American communities

    Posted on February 25, 2014 Source: TheNoteBook Asian Americans and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders are two of the fastest-growing racial groups in the Northeast. Although these ethnic groups often share experiences with language barriers, immigration, and discrimination, they sometimes differ significantly in their employment, economic status, and educational attainment. Asian Americans Advancing Justice, a national […]

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  • How Will The Affordable Care Act Affect Asian Americans?

    Posted on October 5, 2013   Stan Tsai, a member of the board of directors of the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC), has been following the Affordable Care Act closely – and he’s concerned about how much the Asian American community knows about what is going to happen come October 1.   “I went […]

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