• Democrats ignore Asian American and Pacific Islander voters at their peril

    Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) have struggled to achieve national visibility as a political population for many decades. Now the AAPI population stands at around 5 percent and is achieving increasing visibility. Will the 2020 election finally be the moment when presidential candidates and other national political figures put AAPIs into the foreground?  In the past, […]

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  • Asian Americans Call Out Pence’s Chief Of Staff For ‘Tokenizing’ Elaine Chao

    Marc Short, chief of staff for Vice President Mike Pence, claimed that Elaine Chao’s role as secretary of transportation in the Trump administration is “evidence” that the president isn’t racist, prompting many Asian Americans to speak out to set the record straight. Over the weekend, President Donald Trump tweeted that four Democratic congresswomen should “go back and help […]

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  • Politicians often overlook Asian American voters. They shouldn’t, especially in 2020.

    Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) attends an immigration roundtable at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas in June. (John Locher/AP) Every analyst, strategist, reporter and armchair pundit has a preferred group Democrats should woo to win the White House in 2020: blue-collar white Democrats who voted for Trump, the women who fueled the suburban […]

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  • New PAC hopes to energize Asian American progressives in Orange County

    Many Asian politicians in Orange County are Republican. Most voters aren’t. As she addressed a group of mostly Asian Americans, Katie Nguyen Kalvoda spoke of the need for elected leaders who “not only look like us, but truly represent us”. In a county where the vast majority of Asian American elected representatives are Republicans, Kalvoda was referring […]

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  • ASIAN AMERICA Asian American political groups announce Democratic presidential candidate forum

    Two groups said they planned to host the event focused on Asian American and Pacific Islander issues Sept. 8. Asian American political groups plan to host a forum in Orange County, California, for Democratic presidential candidates this September, the groups announced Thursday. AAPI Victory Fund, a super PAC, and Asian Americans Rising, a PAC, said […]

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  • In Midwest states, political parties eye growing Asian-American electorate

    “You’re going to see more voter outreach, more engagement in 2020 than you’ve seen in the past.” A voter fills out a ballot inside the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Aug. 14, 2018.Stephen Maturen / Getty Images fileMarch 26, 2019, 10:31 AM PDTBy Chris Fuchs With Milwaukee set to host the 2020 Democratic convention, the […]

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  • John Chiang, Ex-Calif. treasurer, starts PAC to support Asian-American, Pacific Islander Democrats

    John Chiang is starting ElectAAPI.org to support AAPI candidates. California State Treasurer John Chiang, who is running for governor, speaks at a meet-and-greet in Westwood Park in Los Angeles, California, August 13, 2017.Traci G. Lee / NBC NewsMarch 14, 2019, 10:37 AM PDTBy Charles Lam John Chiang, the former treasurer of California, is starting a political […]

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  • Who the heck is Andrew Yang? Five things Californians need to know as he runs for president

    Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang tells over 1,000 San Francisco supporters at a March 15 rally that he’s the man to defeat President Donald Trump. BRYAN ANDERSON Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, 44, is a venture capitalist who launched his bid for president in November 2017. He began gaining traction when he appeared on the “Joe […]

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