Sriracha Maker Has A Saucy Response To Judge’s Ruling

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Posted on December 3,2013

“No tear gas made here.” That’s the battle cry emblazoned on a banner outside the factory of Huy Fong Foods in Irwindale, Calif. Last week, a judge ordered the maker of the popular hot sauce Sriracha to halt any work that produces irritating fumes. Neighbors had previously complained to city officials about the air quality near the factory.

But in keeping with the fiery nature of the sauce, Huy Fong Foods is not stepping down without dishing out.

Josie Huang of Southern California Public Radio reported on Monday:

“Whether the banner — photographed by the Pasadena Star-News on Friday — is indicative of whether the company will seek an appeal of the judge’s decision is unknown. A company representative said Monday that [owner David] Tran had no comment other than a brief statement released last week.
“According to the city of Irwindale, there’s been no contact with the company since Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert H. O’Brien issued a preliminary injunction Nov. 26.”

Huang quoted an email from a company spokesperson who said: “We are still open for operations, but if we are forced to stop production, there will be less 200,000 bottles a day of our product.”

The surge in popularity of Sriracha has found its way to a long and growing list of sauce-ified products. There’s Sriracha vodka. Sriracha candy canes. Sriracha Subway sandwiches. Sriracha lip balm.

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