Young Americans Discover Chinese Culture through Charity

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Two US students practice writing Chinese calligraphy after listening to a lecture given by Zheng Xiaohua, a famous Chinese calligrapher at the School of Arts in Renmin University on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. [Photo:]


Posted on July 28, 2013


A total of 25 American high school students from deserving communities are now pursuing studies in China at a charity summer study camp known as the Rainbow Bridge Chinese-American Students Cultural Exchange Program.


Besides Chinese language studies, these young students will also learn about Chinese calligraphy, Tachi boxing, Chinese tea ceremony, ancient Chinese musical instruments and flower arrangement.


Their Chinese calligraphy teacher, Zheng Xiaohua, believes calligraphy is the aspect of Chinese culture that proves most fascinating for foreign students.


“When we talk about promoting Chinese culture abroad, I think there should be a specific form of media to show foreigners the charm of Chinese culture; and Chinese calligraphy can serve as a good form of media. Meanwhile, along with the rapid development and vitality of the Chinese economy, we should also exhibit our confidence in the cultural assets that we possess, including calligraphy, the most original Chinese form of culture.”


Initiated last year, the Rainbow Bridge Chinese-American Students Cultural Exchange Program is organized by both the China Next Generation Education Foundation and the Bank of China. The program also funded 25 Chinese students to go to the US on Friday as part of another summer camp taking place stateside.


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