YouTube Video Attempts To Compare Asian Canadians And Asian Americans

Article Source: Huffington Post
Original Post Date: August 22, 2014

Popular YouTube channel FungBrosComedy and our fellow Canadian YouTube comedian Linda Dong have come up what they believe are the true differences between Asians in Canada and Asians in America.

The video, which was posted earlier this month, refers to ALL kinds of Asians, including both East and South Asians. Throwing in a few stereotypical “eh’s” and “aboots” (seriously, stop with the aboots), the video goes through the top 10 differences between the two.

Some things ring true, like how Canada is home to more Asians than the U.S. (although we would argue in Toronto, for example, you will find Asians from several backgrounds) and how being Canadian means you can still be Asian. And yes, Indians and Chinese people are still stereotypically seen as nerdy and smart.

And although we can’t measure the amount of racism a country has, the video states that Americans have more racist attitudes towards Asians than Canadians do. While this may be true, any Asian growing up in Canada know kids can be just as cruel. And let’s not forget how the world’s various wars and even 9/11 have impacted Asian Canadians.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think.